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We have retired and we are no longer in business. We would like to thank all our customers.
  • Telescopic Flagpole not extended, storage bag, chrome topper ball, 4 rubber swivel rings with caribiner clips for flagpoles and 3 anti flagpole collapsing pin, retractable flagpole
  • RV motorhome with a 22' flagpole and hitch flagpole mount. The flagpole is displaying the USA and NASCAR flags.
  • RV toy hauler with ramp flagpole mount, 22' telescopic flagpole, usa and do not tread on me (gadsden) flags. Flags blowing in the wind with blue skies,
  • Telescopic Flagpoles, Flags, RV's tailgating at LVMS Nascar,

Telescopic Flagpole


Deluxe Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Telescopic Flagpole

Use this 22′ Telescopic Flagpole to fly your favorite flags showing your patriotism and pride.

This sturdy metallic grey telescoping flagpole comes with a shiny chrome ball at the top. Flagpole also has 4 Rubber Rings with Caribiner Clips, 3 Anti-Pole Collapsing Pins, and a storage bag. The flag pole retracts to 50″ for easy storing. This pole is designed to withstand strong winds. Fly your flags on poles. Don’t be surprised to see this telescopic flagpole at tailgating events like Nascar races, Glamis Sand dunes, off-road racing, football, baseball, and camping.

Make some statements “Let It Fly” with one or two of our Telescopic Flagpole at your next event.

Metallic Grey
4 Rubber Rings with Caribiner Clips
Chrome Plastic Ball for the Top of the Pole
3 Anti-Pole Collapsing Pins
Anti-Pole Collapsing Pins
Vinyl Flagpole Storage Bag
Height Extended – 22′
Retracted for Storage – 50″
Weight – 4lb
Top Section – 1” in diameter
Bottom Section – around 1 7/8” in diameter
1 Year Warranty Against Material Defects


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Telescopic Flagpole

The 22′ Telescopic Flagpole holds two 3′ X 5′  flags or 0ne 4′ X 6′ flag and great for tailgating.  The Flagpole setup is quick and easy. The Telescopic Flagpole has seven sections with four friction fit (twist and pull) sections, and the three anti-pole collapsing pins hold the bottom three sections in place.  Also included with the Telescopic Flagpole are four rubber rings with caribiner clips and a chrome plastic ball for the top of the pole. Finally, the flagpole comes with an excellent blue vinyl storage bag. We have a great selection of flagpole mounts to go with the telescoping flagpole; additionally, we carry numerous excellent flags for the flagpole. Certainly, check out the reviews from Passport America and Tailgating Challenge

A1 Flags and Poles have additional flagpole mounts that are available on our website. We carry a variety of flag pole mounts due to our diverse customer needs.  Please note that the mount comes in white or black.

Let us be part of your experience on your RVing travels.  You can finally make your own statement again and again with your flags, flagpole, and mount.  Adding a solar beacon light will inevitably make you the talk of the campground and additionally make it easier to locate your RV, especially at night.

Visit us at A1 Flags and Poles We Specialize in Making Statements, Let It Fly!

Tailgating Challenge:

“First of all if you love to tailgate, then I know you like to support your team. A team flag(s) is an excellent way to show off your team spirit. Flying a flag at your house is easy, but doing so at a tailgating event can present challenges until you check out A1 Flags and Poles.

They sent us their tire mount and retractable 22 feet tall telescoping flagpole. Wow, that thing can fly HIGH.

Set up was pretty simple. I attached two flags to the clips that were included with the flagpole and then set up the tire mount. You will need to drive your vehicle on top of the tire mount to ensure a solid foundation. I placed the telescopic flagpole into the tire mount and then raised the flagpole section by section until you reach the height you want.

The entire set up is super sturdy, and I love that. I had a similar style product a few years back that snapped the pole in a strong wind. It would likely take a hurricane to break this pole!”

Additional information

Weight 5.50 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 2 × 2 in

153 reviews for "Telescopic Flagpole"

  1. (verified owner):

  2. (verified owner):

  3. (verified owner):

  4. (verified owner):

    Looks good, arrived in perfect condition, testing it out next week

  5. (verified owner):

    Not too impressed with the rings for the price. One of the rings (2nd in place from bottom up) was very tight. In trying to slide it on the pole, it came apart. I had to glue it so lets see how well it holds up.

    • :

      David G. I want to thank you for the review. I read in the review that one of the rings broke, so we shipped you a set of 4 swivel rings and carabiners at no charge. We want our customers to be happy with our products. Use a lubricate to help slide the rings down. I have used a water damp paper towel.

  6. (verified owner):

    Unfortunately it was too windy in my trip so I’ll try it out next time.

    • :

      Tom, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave A1 Flags and Poles an excellent 5-star rating on the Telescopic Flagpole. Hopefully, the wind is just right on your next outing.
      Thanks for the store’s 5-star rating and comment on outstanding service. Let it Fly

  7. (verified owner):

    • :

      Hi Raymond, Thanks for the 5-star review on the Telescopic Flagpole. The team at A1 Flags and Poles is thrilled you’re happy with your recent purchase. Thank you for the kind words and 5-star rating for the store review. We work hard at our customer service. Thank you for alerting us about website issues.

  8. (verified owner):

    • :

      Hi Frank, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave A1 Flags and Poles a terrific 5-star rating for the Telescopic Flagpole –
      it’s much appreciated! Thanks for the 5-star store rating, and I’m glad everything worked perfectly for your Thanksgiving weekend. Let it Fly

  9. (verified owner):

    • :

      Hi Robert, We are so grateful for your 5-star review. Thanks for sharing your rating with the community and A1 Flags and Poles.

  10. (verified owner):

    • :

      C.D. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5-star rating – it’s much appreciated!

  11. (verified owner):

    Very personable, responded to inquiries, and even provided a suggestion for an item they did not carry. Pole arrived within a week.

    • :

      Larry, We are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your review with the community and A1 Flags and Poles.

  12. (verified owner):

  13. (verified owner):

    Great quality!

  14. (verified owner):

  15. (verified owner):

    Excellent, love the pin sets to hold it.

  16. (verified owner):

    Super light weight item as described

  17. (verified owner):

  18. (verified owner):

    The perfect way to fly your flag.

  19. (verified owner):

  20. (verified owner):

  21. (verified owner):

  22. (verified owner):

    Perfect for holding 2 to flags.

  23. (verified owner):

  24. (verified owner):

    Nice pole, looks good.

  25. (verified owner):

    love this flag pole just needed another one for more flags

  26. (verified owner):

    Really great flag pole. It’s very sturdy and looks good on our RV. We previously had a 20′ aluminum flag pole that would bend and collapse in the lightest winds. We were happy to find out that this pole came with predrilled holes and with 3 very sturdy pins.
    Another thing, we were really impressed with the quick delivery. We ordered it over a holiday weekend and they were still able to get it to us within a week. Their customer service was so friendly and helpful. (I believe it is a great family owned business.)

  27. (verified owner):

  28. (verified owner):

    Highly Recommended, Sets up fast, Flags space Perfectly, Looks Great….. 5 stars

  29. (verified owner):

  30. (verified owner):

  31. (verified owner):

  32. (verified owner):

  33. (verified owner):

    Like it

  34. (verified owner):

    Time will tell, I did try it out briefly with a flag attached and it did seem to bend a little. The big test will be next weekend on our camping trip.

  35. (verified owner):

    Very well made

  36. (verified owner):

  37. (verified owner):

    Have not used it yet, but I am sure it will work fine.

  38. (verified owner):

    Awesome set up! Easy install. Easy to put up. Thanks!

  39. (verified owner):

    very nice product

  40. (verified owner):

  41. (verified owner):

  42. (verified owner):

  43. (verified owner):

    Great pole and easy storage. But one of the clips did not stay put. Needed duct tape to make sure it would stay. Also the button portion of the pole was slightly collapsing.

  44. (verified owner):

  45. (verified owner):

  46. (verified owner):

    The flagpole and mount were just what I wanted to mount on my camper, but yet packaged small enough that I can put in the truck if my convertible Corvette to use at shows too.

  47. (verified owner):

  48. (verified owner):

  49. (verified owner):

    Seems to be high quality we will see how it holds up in some desert wind storms

  50. (verified owner):

  51. (verified owner):

  52. (verified owner):

    See above

  53. (verified owner):

  54. (verified owner):

  55. (verified owner):

    Super fast shipping and friendly staff!

  56. (verified owner):

    Very nice!!!!

  57. (verified owner):

    This looks great on our 5th wheel and mounted to the back of our truck! Thank you for the great service!

  58. (verified owner):

  59. (verified owner):

  60. (verified owner):

    Perfect for my application. Quality and function ‘5 STAR’!

  61. (verified owner):

    simple, easy to put up. Holds sturdy through the weekend. And easy to break down and store.

  62. (verified owner):

  63. (verified owner):

    Best flagpole you can buy for your travel trailer

  64. (verified owner):

  65. (verified owner):

    Still haven’t received

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      This order was received and paid for on Friday 05/29/2020 at 12:52 P.M.
      A1 Flags and Poles created shipping label Friday 05/29/2020 2:04 P.M.
      A1 Flags and Poles emailed customer shipment notification and tracking info for this order on Friday 05/29/2020 2:04 P.M.
      A1 Flags and Poles dropped off the package at the UPS Store Friday 05/29/2020 3:22 P.M.
      From the time the order was received and UPS took control of the package was 2 1/2 hours.
      UPS Departure Scan Friday 05/29/2020 11:02 P.M. Las Vegas, NV
      UPS Arrival Scan Tuesday 06/02/2020 7:07 A.M. Hodgkins, IL.
      UPS Wednesday 06/03/2020 11:00 A.M. Civil demonstration has delayed your package in transit.
      UPS will reschedule delivery. Check back for updates.
      UPS Departure Scan Friday 06/05/2020 6:44 P.M. Hodgkins, IL.
      UPS Arrival Scan Friday 06/05/2020 7:29 P.M. Addison, IL.
      UPS Departure Scan Saturday 06/06/2020 3:53 A.M. Addison, IL.
      UPS Arrival Scan Saturday 06/06/2020 6:35 A.M. Watertown, WI.
      UPS Destination Scan Monday 06/08/2020 5:26 A.M. Watertown, WI.
      UPS Loaded on Delivery Vehicle Monday 06/08/2020 5:55 A.M. Watertown, WI.
      UPS Out for delivery today Monday 06/08/2020 8:31 A.M. Watertown, WI.
      UPS Delivered package Monday 06/08/2020 12:31 P.M. to the shipping address that customer provided in IRON RIDGE, WI. Plus UPS Proof of Delivery.

  66. (verified owner):

  67. (verified owner):

    Since I just received it, we haven’t put it up yet but I’ve owned these flagpoles before in a previous marriage and I just love them. Very durable thru all weather. Thank you for your quick delivery.

    • :

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Cathy. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us.
      Let it Fly

  68. (verified owner):

  69. (verified owner):

    We love the flagpole setup. Very easy and looks great. Have received many compliments on it!!!

  70. (verified owner):

  71. (verified owner):

  72. (verified owner):

    its my second one, the first one snapped in high winds but was impressed on how long it handled the winds

  73. (verified owner):

  74. (verified owner):

  75. (verified owner):

    Most excellent

  76. (verified owner):

    Easy to use. Photos will come after this weekend.

    • :

      Louis, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave A1 Flags and Poles a 5-star rating for the Telescopic Flagpole – it’s much appreciated!

  77. (verified owner):

    • :

      Thanks for leaving A1 Flag & Poles such a wonderful Telescopic Flagpole review. Can’t wait to see the flags flying on Collector’s Dream Cars of Las Vegas trailer. Let it Fly

  78. (verified owner):

  79. (verified owner):

    I recieved my ramp mounts and 22′ flag poles and one of the rings that slides over the pole was broken, called and left a message first thing this morning and still have not heard back from them, it’s now 3:06pm and no call back!

    • :

      Replacement ring plus a complete set of 4 rings and carabiners were shipped at no charge. I talked to Chet shortly after 3 EST and again after we shipped the package. I told Chet the rings are scheduled for a Saturday delivery.

  80. (verified owner):

    I was a little sceptical when I opened the box but after putting the pole up on a weekend outing, I was very impressed

  81. (verified owner):

  82. (verified owner):

    So far so good! Thanks

  83. (verified owner):

  84. (verified owner):

    Very nice product.

  85. (verified owner):

    Excellent price!!

  86. (verified owner):

  87. (verified owner):

  88. (verified owner):

    The flagpole itself is pretty good. It’s very frustrating that the plastic pole toppers break so easily. I would gladly pay more for a metal Topper I didn’t have to worry about breaking and not holding correctly.

  89. (verified owner):

    Worked great even in high winds

  90. (verified owner):

    This is exactly what we wanted.

  91. (verified owner):

  92. (verified owner):

  93. (verified owner):

  94. (verified owner):

    Gift was a great success

  95. (verified owner):

  96. (verified owner):

    Strong and lightweight makes it simple to install in holder when fully extended.

  97. (verified owner):

    Simple and the attachment points are more functional than I thought they’d be.

  98. (verified owner):

  99. (verified owner):

    Easy to assemble, I have had it up (not full height) since receiving it, the wind always blows here and the pole is handling it very well! Love it
    Minnie Gunkle

  100. (verified owner):

  101. (verified owner):

  102. (verified owner):

    As we expected

  103. (verified owner):

  104. (verified owner):

    Excellent quality

  105. (verified owner):

    items are as expected

  106. (verified owner):

  107. (verified owner):

  108. (verified owner):

  109. (verified owner):

  110. (verified owner):

  111. (verified owner):

  112. (verified owner):

    The pole is very easy to use

  113. (verified owner):

  114. (verified owner):

  115. (verified owner):

  116. (verified owner):

  117. (verified owner):

    Great product. We’re looking forward to using it at Jazz Fest for the first time.

  118. (verified owner):

  119. (verified owner):

  120. (verified owner):

  121. (verified owner):

    Could NOT wait to get it up! I installed my new mount to my RV ,installed the New US flag you sent me (NO CHARGE !) THANK YOU !! And Raise the Pole with my New R.W.B. Becon & WOW !!! AWESOME. Yes the pole was the 22 ft. … & Ilive on a corner lot where all the people walk by. I’ve had people ask ,Where did you get that ? The rest is History! Had it up for 5 days & nights with the beacon. Waiting now to go RVing to many New areas this 2019 year ! THANKS A1 Flags and Poles.

  122. (verified owner):


  123. (verified owner):

    Have owned one of these for a few years now and decided to get another one for my brothers new trailer as a christmas gift. Order was super easy, it came when they said it would and worked perfect. We also got the ladder mount with this. Install was simple. Used over new years weekend and couldn’t be happier. Thanks A1

  124. (verified owner):

    Great design. Flew this in high wind speeds at the sand dunes and it held up the entire time. Highly recommend

  125. (verified owner):

    Very lightweight and easy assembly

  126. (verified owner):

    It’s really tall, kinda of excited!!!!

  127. (verified owner):

  128. (verified owner):

  129. (verified owner):

  130. (verified owner):

  131. (verified owner):

    Very compact design great construction

  132. (verified owner):

    Great flagpole. Easy to mount and put up and take down. We used it for the first time this weekend and have received many compliments.

  133. (verified owner):

    Outstanding Service

  134. (verified owner):

    Easy to extend and super tough!

  135. (verified owner):

  136. (verified owner):

  137. (verified owner):

    The rings didn’t hold up and separated and slipped on the pole, causing the flags to bunch up and tangle repeatedly

  138. (verified owner):

    Great customer service and very responsive to order requests

  139. (verified owner):

    Can’t beleive it works so good. I will be ordering from this company again!

  140. (verified owner):

    A1 Flags & Poles are awesome. Great customer service and their products are wonderful. I would highly recommend their products to everyone. Ordering was quick and easy.

  141. (verified owner):

  142. (verified owner):

    Went to the Outerbanks for Memorial Day Weekend and put my A1 Flags & Poles on display ! Super easy to use and held up great in the wind. Had so many people come up and ask about it !!! Great Product !!!

  143. (verified owner):

    It goes up super high for all to see and you can run dual flags!

    See our full review:

  144. (verified owner):

    Awesome product

  145. (verified owner):

    Unbelievable fast shipping, and my wife and I love our flag pole. It’s the talk of the camp..we bought the beacon for the top of the pole, and can see camp for miles when in the desert.. great product.

  146. (verified owner):

    Works great does the job

  147. (verified owner):

    The purchase of this RV flag pole was a pleasure. The product is excellent and as advertised. I recommend if you need a pole for your RV this is the place to purchase it.

  148. (verified owner):

    Purchased flag pole for our RV and we are well pleased. Because it is adjustable we can use it at any campground.

  149. :

    Very ez setup from start to finish! Poles are strong and ez and fast to get the flags flying on Game Day

  150. :

    I love the poles and the ease of setting up for my Denver Broncos games. I fly 36 flags and the 22′ poles make my flags pop and are easy to see from a good distance away.

  151. :

    Easy to install, sturdy, and best of all looks great!!

  152. :

    Telescopic Flagpole
    My husband and I purchased a 22′ telescopic flagpole, two 3′ X 5′ flags, a ladder
    mount and a multi-color solar beacon light for our toy hauler. We are thrilled
    with all the products we have purchased from you.

    The ladder mount was quick and simple to install, and the flagpole fit perfectly.

    We had some high winds one day and the fiberglass pole held up through the bad
    weather. Needless to say, we were quite impressed.
    I can’t tell you how many complements we have had on the whole setup that we
    bought from your company.
    Between the 22’ flagpole, beacon light, Don’t Tread on Me flag and our USA flag
    we won’t have any problems finding our campsite at night! What a life saver,
    I wish we had this years ago.

    By the way, it’s a great conversation piece too!

    We are hooked on your products and down home personal service.

  153. :

    Telescopic Flagpole
    Hello fellow RVers. We have a fifth-wheel and own three (3) telescopic poles from A1 Flags/Poles. We have had these for well over 5 years now and extended them all laden with 2 flags each in some gruesome windy conditions. Talk about dependable, heavy duty poles that have continued to display their durable power to “Fly our fun flags”. Get your poles here at A1 – you won’t be sorry and will enjoy the display of flags without worrying about having to put them down during incremental weather. Enjoy!!!!

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