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We have retired and we are no longer in business. We would like to thank all our customers.
  • Telescopic Flagpole not extended, storage bag, chrome topper ball, 4 rubber swivel rings with caribiner clips for flagpoles and 3 anti flagpole collapsing pin, retractable flagpole $64.95

    Telescopic Flagpole


    Deluxe Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Telescopic Flagpole

    Use this 22′ Telescopic Flagpole to fly your favorite flags showing your patriotism and pride.

    This sturdy metallic grey telescoping flagpole comes with a shiny chrome ball at the top. Flagpole also has 4 Rubber Rings with Caribiner Clips, 3 Anti-Pole Collapsing Pins, and a storage bag. The flag pole retracts to 50″ for easy storing. This pole is designed to withstand strong winds. Fly your flags on poles. Don’t be surprised to see this telescopic flagpole at tailgating events like Nascar races, Glamis Sand dunes, off-road racing, football, baseball, and camping.

    Make some statements “Let It Fly” with one or two of our Telescopic Flagpole at your next event.

    Metallic Grey
    4 Rubber Rings with Caribiner Clips
    Chrome Plastic Ball for the Top of the Pole
    3 Anti-Pole Collapsing Pins
    Anti-Pole Collapsing Pins
    Vinyl Flagpole Storage Bag
    Height Extended – 22′
    Retracted for Storage – 50″
    Weight – 4lb
    Top Section – 1” in diameter
    Bottom Section – around 1 7/8” in diameter
    1 Year Warranty Against Material Defects