Deluxe Heavy Duty Telescopic Fiberglass Flagpole

Fly your favorite flag with pride, using our 22'; superior telescopic fiberglass flagpole. This sturdy metallic grey flagpole is accentuated with a shiny chrome ball at the top. The flagpole retracts to 48" for easy storing.  This pole was designed to withstand the exertion of the wind.


  • 1 Yr. Warranty on this Pole against Defects of the material
  • Metallic Grey in Color
  • Shiny Chrome Ball for the Top of the Pole
  • Height Extended - 22'
  • Retracted for Storage - 48"
  • Weight - 4lb
  • Top Section – 1” in diameter
  • Bottom Section - around 2” in diameter
  • Attachments for Flag - 3 Revolving Collars with Easy Open Clips








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